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Good news travels fast. That’s why Epoch Media Group is the world’s fastest growing global media network.

Since 2000, we’ve grown from being a small newspaper and website into an influential global media company with print, television, and digital properties covering 35 countries and 21 languages.

Our roots? The idea that every human being has the right to truthful information about the world around them, and that media should not be a tool of power or politics. This isn’t a new idea—it’s the core of what journalism was always meant to be. Coming from communist China, the Epoch Media Group founders understood from first-hand experience what happens to a society that doesn’t have an independent media to help safeguard liberties.

Epoch Times and its media partner NTD Television were founded by Chinese diaspora in the United States. After they watched their hopes for democracy crushed by tanks, they saw the single voice of state-controlled media lie to society about what happened. To this day, many people in China don’t know the truth of Tiananmen Square. They also don’t know that they’ve been taught to hate and look down upon the “unapproved” spiritual beliefs of Tibetans, Christians, and Falun Gong practitioners. What’s more, this disinformation has often seeped outside China’s borders with international media unwittingly spreading the Party line.

The first edition of Epoch Times was in Chinese, but quickly expanded beyond a single language. Good news travels fast—today the Epoch Media Group is changing the global media landscape. We’re a truly independent media that will never be bought or silenced. This commitment is in our DNA.

That’s a commitment that clearly resonates with our rapidly growing audience and growing array of companies that align with the integrity, honesty, and respect that our media group stands for.

Our premier properties include: Epoch Times newspapers and websites in English, Chinese and 19 other languages, and Youmaker. Our premier media partner is NTD Television. In addition to being the leading authority on China news, we offer rich content on a broad range of topics including finance, culture, life, economics, health, science, and entertainment.

Welcome to the Epoch Media Group.

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