A Message From John Tang, Founder and CEO

There comes a time in one’s life when one can sense something greater than oneself happening. It takes hold of you, sends a shiver up your spine, and provides the moment of greatest clarity.

It brings a comforting blanket of warmth and sense of purpose, and yet is so electrifying that one can hardly think to sit down, even if a thousand hours have passed.

In that moment you realize that everything has changed and nothing will be the same moving forward.

For me, that moment came in the year 2000. I was walking the sun-drenched campus of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, working on completing my doctorate in theoretical physics.

Thousands of miles from home, Atlanta had become a place of solace for me while studying as an immigrant student from mainland China. A new place to call home. And though the southern accent of Georgia had yet to become part of me, I would come to think, sense, and feel all of what it was to be American and the freedoms one has here: to walk without a sense of fear and breathe without the lingering thought that someone could steal it away from you.

Yet in the balance, I was unfortunately all too aware of the drama unfolding an ocean away in China, and a sense of pain, worry, and sorrow began to overtake my heart.

You see, the Cultural Revolution—the tragic time of destruction of the traditional Chinese culture that I held so dear—had come back to China.

This time, the sharp end of the regime’s stick was pointed at the tens of millions of Chinese practicing Falun Gong, people meditating and adhering to the principles of truth, compassion, and tolerance. Under the orders of former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin, those many millions were experiencing persecution, torture, and what now we clearly know to be genocide.

As a hate propaganda campaign was launched through Chinese state media, a domino effect of U.S. and global newswires repeating the lies and hatred of a communist regime cascaded globally. Immense pressure rose regarding the safety of my friends inside China.

There comes a time in one’s life when one can sense something greater than oneself happening. Here was that moment, and in it, I took a long, hard, sober look at my life and realized something must be done.

With this, Epoch Times was born.

The vision of the Epoch Times is simple and at the heart of what media and journalism were meant to do: to tell the truth.

That is what we do.

Whether it be within our leading Chinese-language publications spanning major cities around the world, our English-language New York, North American, U.K., and Australian editions, or our multi language editions that span 35 countries and 21 different languages in print and online, our job, our mission, is to tell the truth.

Whether it be in our own backyard here in New York City, across the northern border in Toronto, across the ocean in London and Tel Aviv, or even further across the seas into Hong Kong, and into mainland China, once again, our job, our mission, is to tell the truth.

They say that history repeats itself, that there is something cyclical and circular about it. This is most certainly true, and it can be said that we have come full circle. Look at the events spanning the last hundred years, and in more recent times in 1989 with the Tiananmen massacre. Look at what is happening in the streets of Hong Kong.

But history is also about making choices and being on the right side of it.

There is something greater happening right now, and it is not just rooted in the hearts and minds of those in the streets of Hong Kong, or the streets of mainland China. It is rooted in the hearts and minds of every individual around the world.

I hope you recognize this moment. I hope you see it for what it is.

There is something greater happening right now and I hope it sends a shiver up your spine. I hope it provides a moment of clarity. I hope it provides a comforting warmth and a sense of purpose.

Read our publications, support our media group, and advertise with us, for telling the truth is what we do.

We don’t do it for ourselves, we do it for you.


John Tang
Founder and CEO

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